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Stormers brings together all the key stakeholders of growth in the start-up ecosystem to create change and innovate sustainably. Engage with some of the most disruptive start-ups, investors, corporates, and partners in conversation with a laser focus on growth and collaboration. 

Join us as we storm up one sector at a time.  

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Thank you for joining us in exploring the Future of Work.

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Interview with Dr. Arti, founder of VocSkill | Stormers | Episode 1: Edtech For The Next Billion

Interview with Dr. Arti, founder of VocSkill | Stormers | Episode 1: Edtech For The Next Billion

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Edtech For The Next Billion
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The World of D2C
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Women In Health
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Women In FinTech
Virtual Team Meeting


of corporations believe that collaboration is essential in promoting innovation.


of startups agreed that collaboration with a large organization is both essential for success and for preventing startup failure


Through Stormers there will be a laser focus on one sector in every episode. We believe that there is a lack of access and communication between the strongest forces that build our ecosystem. These interactions will serve as starting point for the huge potential of collaboration between the ever disruptive start-ups and the highly experienced corporates both rightly backed by some of the best investors. 


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How can you engage?

Be a panelist and thought leader

Host a Panel Discussion

Position your offerings to women business owners

Collaborate for business opportunities 




Global Brand

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Be a part of this transition. Every stakeholder has a key role in driving diversity in the global ecosystem.



Deeksha Ahuja
Founder Encubay

Deeksha is the Founder of Encubay, a diversity focussed network that aims to help infuse more diversity in the current ecosystem. She has been actively involved in curating unique events and initiatives to enable inclusion of women founders in the ecosystem. Deeksha is also an edtech entrepreneur and a strategy consultant to various startups in India and outside.

Eashita Maheshwary

Eashita Maheshwary
Co-founder Encubay

Eashita is the co-founder of Encubay and has always worked with, for and as a start-up which helps her understand the nuances of being a women founder.
Her experience in creating for some of the biggest corporates and communities reflects in her strong inclination towards diversity and networking. Eashita has actively been a part of multiple initiatives for the start-up ecosystem. Driven by creativity and collaboration, she 
believes making a connect is only a want away. 

Women in Workshop

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