of the total entrepreneurs in India are women 

(Startup India study)



country in the world 

for women-owned business.

(Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs 2018)

While the numbers might be dismal, we at Encubay are bullish about future growth and success of women founded or co-founded ventures. There are a bunch of factors, qualitative and quantitative that highly favour diverse teams and women in leadership. 

Numerous studies and researches done globally have proven that women make excellent founders. 


higher ROE in companies with women in leadership position

Women-led start-ups experienced fewer failures in moving from early to growth-stage


better results from IPOs in companies with more gender diversity

Women-led tech start-ups launch with about half as much capital

To create a conducive, diverse and inclusive ecosystem that fosters the growth of startups glocally. An environment where startups thrive, irrespective of the gender, academic background or any other acquired privileges. A space where all entities of the startup ecosystem - founders, mentors, investors, corporate connects and support communities are committed to creating more diversity.  



women entreprenures

Our truly glocal approach is specifically designed keeping in mind the macro and micro boosters required to take an initial business to become scalable, sustainable and of course investible.


The year of 2019 broke records with 21 new female-founded unicorns reported by Crunchbase, albeit a big leap from the previous years, we still have a long way to go. The Encubay founding team, Greenhouse Capital and our worldwide network of mentors are well equipped to solve complex issues faced by women in business. The carefully curated virtual learning programme offered by GHC to all the incubatees at Encubay will ensure they develop a solid foundation in entrepreneurship. This knowledge, combined with the mentorship offered from some of the best minds in the ecosystem will positively impact the way these businesses evolve.  


Encubay is a diversity focussed startup network. Its incubator is set up in collaboration with Greenhouse Capital Africa. Encubay simply translates into entrepreneurship incubated and our aim is to create a conducive, diverse, and inclusive ecosystem that fosters the growth of startups glocally. To create an environment where startups thrive, irrespective of gender, academic background, or any other acquired privileges. 




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Great impact is always preceded by a great set of people who are aligned towards accomplishing a common goal. The Encubay founding team and the network of advisors, mentors, investors, and partners they have built are a set of diverse individuals who are highly committed to ensuring our vision translates into a lived reality.  

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